James Hurst
M.A. (Law), B.A. (Business Law), Master of Laws (Stockholm), Authorised Public Translator, founder and Managing Director of ELT. James has law degrees from both Sweden and England and extensive experience as a lawyer in the public sector as well as in industry. For example, James worked local authorities in England, while in Sweden he worked as a teacher at the Department of Legal Sciences at Örebro University.

James has more than 20 years of experience as a translator, two of which at the translation unit of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. As an Authorised Public Translator (from Swedish to English), James is also a member of the Federation of Authorized Translators in Sweden (FAT) and a full member of SFÖ (the Swedish Association of Professional Translators).
Maria Holmström
Bachelor's Degree (International Law) (Örebro), Deputy Managing Director, translator. Maria previously worked in the insurance and telecommunications sectors in addition to the hotel industry in Cyprus. She started to work for ELT in 1995. Maria is in charge of project coordination, quality assurance, accounting and personnel. Maria is a full member of SFÖ.
Karen Lundgren
Bachelor of Arts in music (Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA), translator. Karen worked for many years as an HR officer in the American electronics industry and was also a notary public in the United States. Karen moved to Sweden in 1996 and worked as a proof reader for a Swedish publishing firm. She started to work for ELT in 2000. Karen is a full member of SFÖ and ATA (American Translators Association).
Karin Pulliam
Bachelor's Degree (American History and Politics) (University of York, St. John), now working part time with our company in York, England. Karin worked for the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs for many years, with foreign postings in the United States (Chicago), the Netherlands (The Hague), England (London) and Latvia (Riga). She worked with consular, administrative and financial affairs in addition to foreign aid issues for Sida. Karin is an associate member of SFÖ.
Martin Hurst
Upper secondary school education, Celsius School in Uppsala. He currently works as a translation assistant at ELT. He has previous work experience from a computer company, a gold mine and the care sector. Martin has worked off and on for ELT since November 2002.
Martin recently returned from Perth in Western Australia, where he long-distance worked for ELT. Martin is an associate member of SFÖ.
Magnus Hurst
B.Soc.Sc (Business studies) (Uppsala University). Responsible for IT, marketing and various other tasks in and around the office. Magnus has lived both in the UK and Australia and is at the moment in the process of finishing his studies in law at Uppsala University.
Selina ('Sally') Armstrong
(BA), Authorised Public Translator. Sally is a qualified teacher and has extensive experience within several other fields, including insurance and import and also as a business operator within IT. She has also studied French, German and Spanish. Sally has worked as a translator for ELT for over 20 years, specialising in legal and financial texts, such as contracts, judgments, official documents, financial reports and standard terms and conditions. She is also expert in many other areas and translates, for instance, all kinds of family and legal documents, such as adoption papers, divorce judgments, tax agency certificates, and university and school certificates and diplomas.

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