We translate many different types of documents on a daily basis and our prices vary somewhat depending on the level of difficulty of the text, the delivery time and the size of the document.

NOTE: We are a company of translators, not an 'ordinary translation agency' (which will almost always distribute your assignment to a freelance translator who is a part of its network and who is unknown to you). ELT avoids middlemen and for this reason can offer competitive prices.

Examples of prices for typical translations that were recently carried out:
  • Adoption documents (home study and letters of reference), 10 pages:
    Price: SEK 6,800 (including stamp and 25% VAT)

  • Estate inventory (10 pages of relatively little text with quite a few figures) in addition to a will and death certificate:
    Price: SEK 4,800 (including stamp and 25% VAT)

  • General terms, 7 pages:
    Price: SEK 6,700 (plus 25% VAT)
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