Authorised Public Translators from Swedish to English

ELT delivers authorised translations certified with an official stamp from The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. ”Authorised Public Translator” is the legally protected professional title for translators who have passed an extremely stringent test arranged by the Swedish government. Authorisation is awarded by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. Only natural persons can be authorised. However, there are no legal requirements for being allowed to work as a translator, which means that the quality of translation work can vary greatly. Always ask for an Authorised Public Translator.

In addition to the quality aspects, an Authorised Public Translator is also entitled by law to certify a translation. A translation by an Authorised Public Translator will be accepted abroad by foreign governments, courts, etc.

In addition, Authorised Public Translators – as opposed to other translators – are covered by legal rules on secrecy, while ordinary agencies and their translators are not. If confidentiality is a sensitive issue for your operation or personal circumstances, you should ask the translation agency for the name of the person who will be doing the translation, whether the person works in-house or is a freelancer and whether he or she is an Authorised Public Translator in order, to find out whether secrecy really applies.

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