AUthorised PUBLIC Translators

English Law Translations

We are a translation company specialising in the translation of legal and financial texts together with other kinds of documents that need to be formally authorised (certified).

Legal & Financial texts

We translate legal and financial documents, including contracts, general conditions, annual
reports, articles of association, claims reports, insurance conditions, court papers, etc.

certificates & letters of reference

Our related operation Betyg och intyg översättningar – ELT (Certificate Translations – ELT)
specialises in the translation of all kinds of Swedish documents issued by schools,
universities, government agencies, employers, etc., where the translation needs to be made
by an authorised translator and stamped.

family law documents

We translate all kinds of family law documents, including adoption papers, wills, estate
inventories, birth certificates, population registration certificates, marriage certificates,
extracts from population registry, and all kinds of documents needed for visa applications,

General texts

We have extensive professional experience as translators and can provide translations within
numerous sectors, including property and construction, IT, banking and insurance. We
translate a broad spectrum of corporate documents, such as financial reports, governance
and policy documents, minutes, confidentiality and GDPR-related documents, procurement
documents, etc.

Since 1995

Why ELT?

One of the reasons for ELT’s success is that we have internal translators from England, the
USA and Sweden, with long and extensive professional experience. We consequently have
both the skills and capacity to translate many different kinds of texts from Swedish into
English. ELT delivers qualified translations to, among others, law offices, company lawyers,
insurance companies and public authorities. We also help private individuals to translate their
official documents. ELT’s translations can be authorised/certified according to law and
stamped with the official authorised translator stamp of the Swedish Legal, Financial and
Administrative Services Agency.

James Hurst M.A. (Law), Jur.kand. (England), Jur.kand. (Stockholm), Authorised translator. ELT’s founder and CEO, James Hurst, has both Swedish and English law degrees together with further education in business administration. He has extensive experience as a lawyer and translator.

In England, James worked in private practice, for the Environment Protection Agency and a municipality. In Sweden, James has worked in the insurance sector, in private practice, at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Translator Section), and later with ELT as CEO and founder.

James Hurst

CEO & Founder


Authorised translators, but not other translators, have a statutory duty of confidentiality. If
secrecy is a sensitive issue for your business or private circumstances, you should always
engage a translator who is authorised.

Avoid Middlemen

Avoid intermediaries. ELT does not operate as an
intermediary and consequently has competitive prices.


ELT can deliver authorised translations furnished with the Swedish Legal, Financial and
Administrative Services Agency official stamp. Only authorised translators are empowered
according to law to certify the accuracy of a translation.

Express Assignments

We also undertake express assignments.