Our services

ELT has vast experience translating official documents, such as legal and financial texts, family law documents and any other translations that need to be certified by an ”authorised public translator”.

Legal & financial texts

A translation carried out by a translator without legal training may be linguistically elegant, but often legally incorrect. For this reason, legal texts should always be translated by a lawyer. If you have legal texts or documents that need to be translated from Swedish into correct legal English, make sure that you contact English Law Translations. The advantage of engaging ELT over any other agency with freelance translators is that you can have direct contact with your translator and will know who is handling your documents.

ELT’s translations can be authorised according to the statutory rules. Only Authorised Public Translators are legally bound by professional secrecy.

Examples of legal and financial texts that we translate:

översättare_avtal Agreements and contracts
översättare_bestämmelser Rules and regulations
översättare_bestämmelser Financial Reports
översättning_svenska_till_engelska_bolagsordningar Articles of Association
översättning_svenska_till_engelska_bouppteckningar Estate inventories
översättning_svenska_till_engelska_domar_och_beslut Rulings and decisions
översättning_svenska_till_engelska_domstolsinlagor Statements of case and pleadings
auktoriserad_översättning_företagspresentationer Company presentations
auktoriserad_översättning_förordningar Ordinances
auktoriserad_översättning_försäkringsrapporter Insurance reports


Certificates, etc.

Our section Betyg & Intyg Översättningar – ELT (Certificate Translations – ELT) specialises in the translation of various documents issued by schools, public authorities, employers, etc.

The globalisation of society has resulted in a greater need for the validation of education and training documents in addition to internationally recognised translations of personal documents; for example, school certificates and letters of reference. These require a an authorised translation, i.e. a translation by an Authorised Public Translator.

Examples of certificates and other documents that we translate:

auktoriserad_översättning_arbetsintyg Employment certificates
översätter_diplom Diplomas
översättare_dopbevis Adoption papers
auktoriserad_översättning_dödsfallintyg Birth certificates
översättning_kursintyg Death certificates
översättare_från_svenska_till_engelska_personbevis Letters of reference
översätta_från_svenska_till_engelska_referenser Extracts from registers
översätter_från_svenska_till_engelska_registerutdrag Registration certificates
översättning_från_svenska_till_engelska_registerbevis Certificates of service
översättare_betyg Education and training certificates

Family law documents

ELT has translated hundreds of adoption reports over the years and these are one of our favourite assignments. It feels really meaningful to be able to help prospective adoptive parents and children.

ELT translates other kinds of family law document such as birth certificates, marriage
certificates, divorce judgments, population registration certificates, wills, death certificates, estate inventories, and also documents for visa applications.

Real estate & construction

We also undertake the translation of various kinds of document for the construction and property sector, including tenancy agreements with appendices, construction contracts, general conditions, transfer agreements, property sales contracts and transfers, survey reports, valuations, etc.

General texts

We can provide translations in many different fields thanks to our many years of comprehensive professional experience as translators. As we always strive to achieve the highest level of quality, we welcome dialogue with our clients, particularly in specialist fields, to ensure that we are using the correct terminology and adapt the text to the client’ ‘s special needs. The advantage of engaging ELT instead of an ordinary agency using freelance translators is that you can have direct contact with your translator and actually know who is taking care of your documents.